Mark Messer Massage

Mark and Emily

Presence and curiosity, undergirded by compassion is my practice. Presence with individual clients, as they are, is primary. Curiosity hones meeting with what is, and explores what is possible. Practicing thus, compassion allows the discovery of health.

My meeting with Emily, pictured here to the left, illustrates the flow of presence, curiosity and compassion. I immediately noticed her right shoulder was elevated a couple inches. She had very limited range of motion with her right arm, and ate with long-stemmed silverware just to be able to reach her mouth. She'd broken her shoulder over a decade ago, she explained, and had surgery that didn't turn out well.

At the time of our meeting, her doctor offered pain medicine and surgery as options. I had several massage sessions scheduled with Emily and was curious what could happen. I held her arm, established trust, and noticed where movement was possible, where it was restricted, where there was tension, where greater ease could develop. There was a margin of possibility that, when explored, steadily increased. Before the end of the second session working with her arm I was able to gently bring her right hand to touch her face. She found the tip of her nose with the tip of her thumb, extended her fingers upward, and, waving them, delighted, "I haven't done this in years!"

SoHo Space

Reflecting after the session, I noted my practice transcended technique. I then recognized twin sense-driven fundamentals of my practice: presence and curiosity. The present is known through sensing. Curiosity drives sensing, which unveils what is present. Curiosity explores what exists now, and what exists as possible now. Curiosity is the fuel propelling dynamic possibility. Compassionate intention resolves to health.

My practice is based in New York City and Ithaca, NY. Pictured here is my Manhattan practice's home, a quiet, spacious SoHo loft.

In terms of technique, Swedish is foundational. Responding to each client, I dynamically integrate other modalities such as myofascial technique, Thai massage, reflexology, and neuromuscular therapy. I continually observe how movement connects through the client's body, or where extraneous holding may yield to a more supple, relaxed and energized state.

A recent client remarked that in her upper back where she often finds crunchy adhesions she noticed no crunching while I worked. In fact, she reported feeling a sense of peace permeate the area.

Accessibility of care is important; so I accept cash payment for sessions on a sliding scale:

$70 to $95 for an hour,
$100 to $125 for 90 minutes, and
$130 to $155 for two hours.

Please call or email any questions and to schedule a massage.

Mark Messer, LMT